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Classic Car


Whether you intend on selling your classic vehicle, or would just like an appraisal for curiosities sake,  getting an accurate price is crucial. Pristine Classic Cars want to ensure that you get a suitable valuation for your classic car.

About our classic car valuation service

The value of a classic car is measured with multiple factors in mind, such as the make, model, age, mileage, documentation, history and much more. Our team are experts in identifying the true value of a classic or prestige vehicle through a thorough inspection of the vehicle itself and any accompanying documentation, to help you get a firm understanding of your vehicles worth.

Classic Car Valuation

Why should you have your classic car valued?

It’s equally as important to get an understanding of your classic cars value, whether you are deciding to sell straight away, or not, particularly after a restoration project which generally adds value to your classic vehicle. Needless to say, if you one day choose to sell your classic car, it’s important to ensure that it’s being sold at a fair price, where an expert valuation service comes in!

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