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Classic Car

Brightwork Restoration

The brightwork / ornaments on your classic car affect the overall look. Dull brightwork can devalue and take the aesthetic appeal away from your classic vehicle, so it’s important that they are restored beautifully. Our service makes brightwork gleam again gleam, from ornaments to headlamps, to wing mirrors and everything in-between!

About our brightwork restoration service

The appearance of metal finishings on your classic car can make all the difference in aesthetics, our service provides a full restoration of a vehicle’s brightwork, such as the chrome components around the vehicle, breathing new life and making your classic car gleam again!

Why have your classic car's brightwork restored?

Restored brightwork can be the difference when showing your vehicle at the competition, or simply adding an element of allure to the vehicle. If your aim is to make your classic car competition-ready, to add value or simply to make it look outstanding; be sure to contact Pristine to restore the car’s brightwork.

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Interested in our brightwork restoration service?

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