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Classic Car

Servicing & Maintenance

We’re experts at all things classic car, including servicing and maintenance of vehicles that require specific knowledge on how they operate and how to ensure that they are performing optimally, both from a visual and driving perspective! Our classic car servicing and maintenance will ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape inside and out.

About our servicing & maintenance

Are you looking to have your classic vehicles serviced? Pick a team of experts in all things classic car to maintain your vehicle to the highest standard! Pristine Classic Cars are on-hand to ensure that you get the most enjoyment possible from owning and/or driving your classic car by ensuring its performance to its maximum potential. Our service includes MOTs, quality oil changing, parts replacements and much more.

Why you need to service and maintain your classic car

Servicing and maintaining your classic vehicle is especially important if you chose to regularly drive it, both for your safety and the cars! We want you to enjoy your vehicle which means that it needs to be performing at its optimal level, only through regular inspections, servicing and maintenance can you ensure that your classic car is in tip-top shape.

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