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Classic Car

Bodywork & Metalwork Restoration

A full range of bodywork and metalwork restoration services are carried out at Pristine Classic Cars with the finest level of care and passion. Our team of fully trained welders and metal workers can carry out light gauge panel work and heavy chassis bodywork with finesse. If you have a classic car that needs bodywork or metalwork restoration, we’re here to help.

About our bodywork / metalwork service

When you choose Pristine to restore your car, we can ensure that you get a factory-standard restoration of the highest quality. We can either repair existing panels or make bespoke panels, either by copying the original or calculating the shape from the surrounding areas. With our greatest care, our fabricators are also able to ensure that panel alignment is perfect.

Why restore your cars bodywork or metalwork?

Restoring your vehicle’s bodywork or metalwork will breathe new life into a classic, truly adding real value and extra wonderment to an already beautiful car. The exterior shell of a vehicle is the first thing that people notice, so ensuring that the aesthetics of the vehicles bodywork are pristine is essential, particularly if the car needs to be “show-ready”!

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Interested in bodywork or metalwork restoration?

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